Hi, I’m Ted. Your project is a big investment. Why would you then entrust your message to a translator or someone you don’t know and trust.

I develop a personal relationship with my customers so I can better understand and meet your needs. You in turn can see what I bring to the table with regard to value. Then, the magic happens…

There are 2 ways to get what you are looking for… You can contact an agent or agency, then my agent will then send that script to me and I’ll record it. But I won’t know anything about you, your company or your message. I won’t be able to ask the questions I have in order to make your recording perfect.

I’ll ask those questions in the free no obligation consultation. I’ll also review your script and advise you of any changes I’d make to make it sound more natural or in the manner YOU want it to sound. I can also evaluate its potential effectiveness and recommend changes. All this costs nothing, and can make or break your project. So call me or send me an email… Let’s work together.

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